About Us

This initiative is inspired by the life of our beloved Rajeev Gaur…

We wanted people to be able to express themselves and let their heart out! We also wished to get answers to a happy and enhanced life. While pointing out vital factors that matter in life, we invite everyone to enjoy, learn and share experiences here on this website.

We are like-minded people from varied occupations, age groups, and cultures. We could be social workers, journalists, writers, psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, home makers, students or just a nature lover. We have undertaken this task of blog writing to bring forth issues with wellness, social causes and anything in your observation that could effectively benefit all of us.

This mission includes features, articles, reports, individual experiences, achievements, pictures, poems, etc. expressing facts, emotions, learning or issues that matter to us in our social milieu and affect our existence.


To create a more loving, understanding and communication-efficient environment where we are happy and live cordially with others and to do better than just tolerating each other. Life means enthusiasm, and to find our own calmness combined with happiness cause all ‘life matters’.


To design a platform for us to share some of life’s most joyous moments or grief, sorrow, hurt, achievement and creativity intended to enhance and make readers’ life more beautiful. Also to ensure a voice to emotions those are concealed and need to come out but with a grace of confidentiality.

Catharsis helps to eliminate complex emotions and release stress.

Sharing Real Life Experiences, with no shame attached.


The website conceptualizes making communication easy through expressing and sharing. Sharing matters of our lives give vent, direction, motivation, and also learning to others.

This platform envisages highlighting the concept of wellness amongst its readers.


‘Life matters’ so value it.

Be calm, joyful and share, learn to be fit & happy.


  • We shall remain truthful to our writing, reporting on individual or social issues and achievements.
  • We profess treating one another with respect and follow the ethical code of conduct in writing as well.
  • We wish to care for us.
  • We envisage support from each other and the community partners to create and animate a life that matters.

What we want to achieve

We and our partners in expression, be able to express their side of story related with their life, someone else’s life, a social cause, or a learning experience that can either be entertaining or create  social awareness, or even bring social, psychological/ and legal advice to the matter if possible, and bestow a happier, more secure and safe life, as life matters.

Write to us about your opinion on issues, emotional experiences, untold tales, glorious learning, achievements, your Fitness Factor or even the Natural Facts that Amaze you…