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This initiative is inspired by the life of our beloved Rajeev Gaur…
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Make A Point


The race to do better than the best, chase targets and strive hard to fulfill company goals ruins the health, mental well-being, social, and family life of our professionals.
Professionalism or Persecution
Best of the humans in our work force are stressed out in the name of professionalism. Too much workload, pressure to meet targets, to stay ahead, to be innovative and deliver better than their very own last performance, wrecks what should have been a peaceful & joyful existence. The pressures related to the job, if coupled with the callous attitude of the boss, can create havoc in the lives of hard working executives. They are left with no time for themselves or their families. If this goes on drastically, sometimes we also lose some diligent workers who are wiped out completely!

The race to do better than the best, chasing …>>> Read Full Article Here

Professionalism, a boon or bane

Welleness factor

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People have faced threatening issues and problems with situations created in professional life, like one such story posted here:

Straight from my Heart!
My husband whom I lost 7 years back worked in a media house. He was troubled and tortured…

‘August Issue 2021’

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.

— Oscar Wilde

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