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Share your achievement We have all done something that makes us proud… Please share with the readers and let them feel great in being a part of your achievements.

Tell your story experiences in life take us sometimes too high or too low in life. Seldom do we share this or write about this, these can bottle us up and make us feel suffocated. Before it’s too late, please share with full confidence your life experiences and let it come out. Have Moments of Catharsis to see the light in life’s dim situations. CONFIDENTIALITY WILL BE MAINTAINED.

The selection of writings to post on the website will be at the Editor’s discretion.

Please write and express yourself just as you would write your own journal. Or express something artistically in a poetry style. But please do let your thoughts, feelings and emotions out, just write even if you don’t wish to post it. It really helps.

About Books

  • Post Book Reviews.
  • Share your favorite book list.
  • You can write about what you particularly liked in the book.
  • Share the book written by you or the basic idea that inspired you to write.

On or fill the form below to submit your writing. You could choose to omit  all proper names or we can do so to maintain dignity.
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 You could choose to write for various reasons as below

Make a Point

Write a feature /article to give your opinion about any issue in society in your own words

Tell Your Story

Pen down an emotional experience or untold tales that can be shared in your own words


Share with us your achievements or glorious learning, those went unnoticed during the lock-down or otherwise

Life Teaches

You can share life teachings, or learning from the life of others, and advise others from your experiences to strengthen the wellness factor in their lives

Amazing Realities

Write on what natural facts amaze you about the environment, our habitat or about science, and the universe. Write about any amazing personality or skills seen in persons around you that denote them as heroes


List the books you love, post reviews. Share your favorite book portions and tell us how these impressed you


Share your poem with the world. Don’t be shy! Upload that poem you think has potential but are too scared to show anyone,

Fitness Funda

We believe every individual’s fitness story is unique and motivational that can inspire millions worldwide. So share your fitness funda

Write to us about your opinion on issues, emotional experiences, untold tales, glorious learning, achievements, your Fitness Factor or even the Natural Facts that Amaze you…